The aim of the European project 'THRIVE' is to reinforce the professional development of teachers of students up to 7 years old, in order to effectively promote positive behaviours in classroom as well as future school attendance and achievement.


  • Educate teachers regarding processes and methods of teaching.
  • Provide teachers with valuable non-formal education methods in working with children towards the promotion of a positive school climate.
  • Arm teachers with basic soft skills in order to prepare children to enter and succeed in the classroom.
  • Improve teachers’ quality in monitoring and detecting risk factors of school attendance.
  • Assist children’s self-development and enhance motivation of learning.

The target groups of this project are preschool teachers and teachers of the first two levels of elementary school. The final product will be an online course that will provide knowledge and techniques regarding early childhood education and learning through play, aiming to promote student motivation for learning.